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Creating a confident culture at work starts with helping individuals and teams switch on their inner confidence. Capture Your Confidence builds up inner beliefs and positive attitudes and enables individuals to step out of their comfort zone.
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Customer Care and Customer Engagement

When our fears, doubts and lack of confidence get in the way of customer interaction our body responds accordingly resulting in poor quality customer care. Taking back control leads not only to more positive engagements but can increase staff confidence and improved overall standards of customer care.

This course is suitable for all customer facing staff looking to improve their confident approach with customers, their communication and selling techniques and to increase empathy with both customers and colleagues.

Drawing on learning taken from Karen's HITS Scholarship trip to the Disney Institute in Florida to study Customer Care and Kate's Coaching and NLP techniques this course has enjoyed a great deal of success in businesses and venues across Scotland.

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"It is an excellent and accessible way of considering the customer's needs and emotions while improving your own approach to work"

Camilla Phelps, Receptionist, Historic Scotland

"It was a fun course with practical illustrations which demonstrated how our own thought process and stereotyping can affect our attitudes to our customers and ourselves."

Freda Jenkins, Steward, Historic Scotland

"It's thought provoking, interactive and well presented by a dynamic duo!"

George Primrose, Steward, Historic Scotland