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At our Site Specific Character Led Workshop we let children experience what the life of a child was like during a certain period of history thus providing them with a truly immersive learning experience.
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Illuminate UK - Education - Junior Tour Guides Workshop.

Junior tour Guides

The Illuminate team have trained P5, 6 and 7 children to become tour guides at the following places of interest: Linlithgow Palace, Craigmillar Castle, Claypotts Castle, the Scottish Seabird Centre, Doune Castle, Rosslyn Chapel, Bishop's and Earl's Palaces on Orkney, the Blackhouse at Arnol on Lewis, Melrose Abbey and Trinity House Maritime Museum in Leith.

Each site and school has a tour or site specific play especially created for them following careful consultation and research. The Illuminate team then train the children on site in presentation and communication, group management, voice, movement and storytelling and run rehearsals in conjunction with school staff.

Junior Tour Guides can then go on to market and promote their services to other schools and manage bookings as well as delivering their tour/performance throughout the school year.

We can also create short films for Junior Tour Guide schemes at sites where their location makes it difficult for audiences to access them — for example due to the high volume of visitors at Edinburgh Castle or the remote location of the Blackhouse on Arnol. We have researched, written and directed two short Junior Tour Guide films for Edinburgh Castle which have been distributed to schools across Scotland. We are currently researching and writing the script for the film for Arnol.

To discuss how Illuminate could help your school or organisation set up and run Junior Tour Guides contact us.

For schools who would like to book a tour with any of our existing Junior Tour Guides please go to our Links page.


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"Illuminate are wonderful partners for Castleview Primary School, giving annual support to our Craigmillar Castle Junior Tour Guides. Our children learn their scripts but the Illuminate Team help them to be performance ready, building confidence and teaching dramatic strategies. The children's performances received the highest commendation from HMIE during our Inspection. The Illuminate partnership allows us to deliver Curriculum for Excellence at the highest level."

Lindsey Watt, Headteacher, Castleview Primary School.