the Illuminate UK team

Illuminate UK - Meet the Team

We have a team of education associates and of business/training associates. All our associates are highly committed to what they do, with experience, compassion and flair for drawing the best out of individuals taking part in our workshops and programmes.

The Illuminate education team are all drama workers at core whether that be teachers, actors, directors or writers. Everyone involved with the Illuminate education team is either professionally trained in drama education or has many years experience in the field. We work with the principles, experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence in mind and are keen advocates of active learning.

The Illuminate business training team include coaches, customer service experts and NLP practitioners. All are experienced in incorporating drama in business techniques to their work and are highly qualified and respected in their field.

Below you will find a brief description of each member of the team. Please click on the link for more information.


Education Team:

Business Training Team