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We have recently created a team-building programme in association with The Development Exchange.


Ensuring your team is operating as effectively as possible is a real headache for most managers. Diverse personalities, styles, approaches and agendas can lead to internal conflict and people working against, instead of with, each other.

Our innovative team development programme aims to get the best out of each and every team. We design bespoke programmes, which really get to the heart of the issues - we will always consult beforehand with team members and design the programme to really meet the needs it has, rather than a generic approach. We aim to encourage team members to understand each other more, to agree common aims, review internal processes for decision-making and to use the team's strengths more effectively.

We can combine personality profiles - such as the MBTI - to help understand individuals within the team better, with the use of our team of professional actors to help us bring team exercises to life and therefore embed the learning more deeply through our 'Play in a Day' format.

Whatever your objectives your team will have an inspiring and enjoyable experience which will lead to improved performance and effectiveness.


For more information or to book a workshop contact us.


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